Lớp : Thời gian l跩 b跬: 35 pht (Kh獼g kể thời gian ph嫢 đề)





Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others in each group: (1m)

1.A. red B. leg C. egg D. packet

2.A. kilo B. dozen C. toe D. potato

3.A. gram B. can C. many D. banana

4.A. bike B. hi C. children D. nice

B.LANGUAGUE FOCUS: Choose the best answer. (1.5ms)


1. ____________ kilos of rice do you want?

A. How B. How many C. How old D. How much

2. I need a ____________ .

A. bread B.cabbages C. apple D. banana

3. A: ____________ does Minh feel? B: He feels tired.

A. When B.What C. How D. Who

4. There isnt _________ cooking oil in the bottle.

A.any B. some C.a D. this

5. A: What would you like _____ dinner? B:Id like _________ noodles.

A. in - some B. in any C. for - some D. for - any

6. Mai has ________ .

A. long hairs B. a long hair C. hairs long D. long hair

C.WRITING: Choose the right sentence. (1m)

1. much/ you/ need/ how/ do/ cooking oil/ ?

a. How much do you need cooking oil? c. How much cooking oil do you need?

b. How much cooking oil need do you? d. How much cooking oil need you do?

2. for/ apple/ you/ like/ drink/ would/ juice/ a/ ?

a. Would you like juice apple for a drink? c. Would you like a juice apple for drink?

b. Would you like apple juice for drink? d. Would you like apple juice for a drink?

3. has/ a/ round/ a/ big/ face/ and/ he/ mouth .

a. He has a big face and a mouth round. c. He has a round, big face and a mouth.

b. He has a round face and a big mouth. d. He has a big mouth and a face round.

4. are/ good/ tomatoes/ you/ for/ very/.

a. You are very good for tomatoes. c. Tomatoes are very good for you.

b. You are good for very tomatoes. d. Tomatoes are good very for you.





Read the passage, and then write T for each true statement and F for each false. (1.5ms)

Today is Sunday. Mrs. Lien goes to the market by motorbike. She needs many things. First, she wants a kilo of fish and five hundred grams of beef. Then she wants some vegetables. She needs four cans of peas, a kilo of tomatoes and two kilos of potatoes. Then she wants two cans of soda, two packets of tea and a tube of toothpaste. She goes home at ten oclock.

1.      Mrs. Lien wants some meat, some vegetables and some drinks.

2.      She wants two kilos of fish.

3.      She wants half a kilo of beef.

4.      She doesnt need any eggs.

5.      She wants a kilo of tomatoes and two kilos of potatoes.

6.      She goes to the market by bus.


I.Make the question for the underlined words. (1m)

1. ________________________________________________________________ ?

Mai wants a dozen eggs.

. 2. ________________________________________________________________ ?

A kilo of carrots is ten thousand dong.

II.Read the passage and answer the questions. (1m)

Hoa is my friend. She is a student. She is twelve years old. She has long black hair and an oval face. She has brown eyes, a small nose and full lips. She walks to school every day. Every morning, she plays volleyball with us. Volleyball is her favorite sport. Now she is not playing volleyball, she is helping her mother with the housework.

a.       What does Hoa do?


b.      What color are her eyes?


c.       How does she go to school every day?


d.      What is she doing now?


III. Read the passage in (II) and write about you (40-60 words). (1m)






Hướng dẫn chấm Kiểm tra 1 tiết B跬 3 HK2 lớp 6




A.PHONETICS: (1đ) 1D 2B 3D 4C

B.LANGUAGUE FOCUS: (1,5đ) 1B 2D 3C 4A 5C 6D

C.WRITING (1đ) 1.c 2.d 3.b 4.c

D.READING: (1,5đ) 1T 2F 3T 4T 5T 6F




I .(1đ, mỗi c漉 hỏi ho跣 chỉnh được 0.5đ )

1.How many eggs does Mai want?

2.How much is a kilo of carrots?

II .(1đ, mỗi c漉 trả lời ho跣 chỉnh được 0.25đ )

1.Shes a student. 3.She walks to school every day./ On foot.

2.Theyre brown. 4. Shes helping her mother with the housework.

III. Write a passage : Ideas : 0.5m, structures+ vocab : 0.5m